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Store Owner: John “Dewey” Dewey

Hi, I’m John Dewey and I have been the owner of Off ‘N Running since 2003. In addition to working at the shop, I’m a physical therapist, and a certified athletic trainer.  I was a collegiate athlete in tennis & swimming, and I have been a triathlete since 1996. I am also a proud husband to my wife Liz, and father to my three children: Matthew, Alexandra, and Brandon. One of my goals at Off ‘N Running is to provide each customer with excellent care and service, therefore, I make sure to train each one of my employees with the knowledge and expertise I’ve gathered throughout the years. You can expect the best from Off ‘N Running! Read below to get to know my employees

Emily “EJ” Boles

  • Favorite Shoe: Asics Cumulus
  • Running Bio: I started running in 7th grade (1991) when all my friends were going out for the team. I found out then that I really enjoyed running and I was pretty good at the distance events. I ran for Science Hill High School in Johnson City, TN and then ran for East Tennessee State University. After college I started doing triathlons and really enjoyed them, but find it hard to train all three disciplines. I have run four marathons with a PR of 3:09. I received my Masters Degree from High Point University in Sports Studies. I help coach cross country and track at Greensboro Day School. I have worked at the store since January 2007.
  • Favorite Post-Race Food: A huge hamburger with all the fixins!
  • Favorite Race: Any cross country race and the Boston Marathon
  • Favorite Running Moment: There are several – winning the Team State Championship in high school, placing 25th in my senior year at the NCAA Regional CC meet (top 25 make All-American), running the Boston Marathon.

Jason “FAsTBOY” Smith

  • Favorite Shoe: Mizuno Precision
  • Running Bio: I started running track my freshman year of high school because hockey wasn’t a school sport.  I then found I really enjoyed the freedom of the trails.  Running took me to Pfeiffer University my freshman year of college where I ran cross country. I then transferred to UNCW and joined the triathlon team.  You can now find me on the trails mountain biking or leading our trail group runs.
  • Favorite Post Race Food: the two B’s burritos and beer.
  • Favorite Race: The Shut-in Ridge Run in the mountains of Western NC.
  • Favorite Running Moment: I’ve been putting on the Lakeside Trail Race for two years and started running with a girl I met there on our Wednesday Night trail runs.  That girl is now my wife, Jenny so I guess that’s a pretty special series of running moments 🙂

Jennifer “Goffball” Goff

  • Favorite Shoe: Mizuno Elixir
  • Running Bio: I won the first race I ever entered in 4th grade (a cross-country mile) and was hooked.  I started running competitively as a freshman at Bethel High School in Bethel, CT and continued at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA.  I’ve enjoyed running a lot farther since then.  I have run five marathons with a 3:02 PR.  I also enjoy cycling and backpacking, although running is my true passion.  Thoughts of an ultra linger.
  • Favorite Post-Race Food: Cheeseburger or burrito!  Although, really anything, as long as it has cheese.  And wine.
  • Favorite Race: Richmond Marathon
  • Favorite Running Moment: the adrenaline rush of the final .2 of my first marathon.

Ryan “Fish” Solomon

  • Favorite Shoe: Asics Cumulus
  • Running Bio: I started running in 8th grade, because I got cut from the Baseball team where the coach only wanted to keep me on as a base runner and I figured if all I was going to do is run, might as well do Track. I run because I enjoy being able to say that I ran more miles in a week than I drove in my car in a month. I also keep in mind that I run for others who wish they could run themselves and can’t.
  • Favorite Post Race Food: Graham crackers with peanut butter and chocolate milk
  • Favorite Race: Cross country 8ks, and the 3k, 5k, & 10k during track season
  • Favorite Running Moment: Winning the 2003 NC 4A State Cross Country Championship after losing on a 6th man tie-breaker the year before.

Mike Vance

  • Favorite Shoe: Brooks PureConnect
  • Running Bio: I thought my brother was crazy for running cross-country in high school. Instead, I was the captain of the golf team. After college, I took up running, primarily to run the Manchester Road Race in Connecticut, which takes place on Thanksgiving Day. That got me hooked, and since then, I’ve run everything from a 5k to a 54 miler. You’ll find me exploring trails throughout the week, or joining some of the local AM running groups, nothing better than finishing a workout before 6 a.m.!
  • Favorite Post Race Food: Chocolate Milk and an English muffin
  • Favorite Race: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Half Marathon
  • Favorite Running Moment: Proposing at the finish of the 2012 Savannah Half Marathon to my now-fiancée

Nathanael PutnamComing Soon!

  • Favorite shoe(s): Where do I start? I love the Adidas Boston and Aegis, Newton Gravity and Energy, Altra One and Superior, Pearl Izumi E Motion projects, New Balance MT10v2 and last but not least, Nike Vomero 8.
  • Running Bio: I started running in the eighth grade because my dad always ran and I wanted to be a better soccer player. My early relationship with running was all hate and no love. But in high school I began to love it and have not stopped since. Through all life’s changes running has remained a unique constant. My favorite race distances are the half marathon and 5k. Few things are better than getting out in the woods and feeling like a kid again.
  • Favorite post race food: This list would be longer than my fav shoe list. Everything tastes better after a good run.
  • Favorite race: I don’t have a race I regularly attend to call a favorite, but one of the best I ever ran was the Kenai River Half Marathon in Kenai, AK.
  • Favorite Running Moment: In the 11th grade, the first time I ran under 5 minutes in the mile.

Matt Sadlik

  • Favorite Shoe: Merrell Mix Masters & Hoka Mafate
  • Running Bio: I consider myself an injured cyclist who now love’s trail running. I raced (Road and Cyclocross) for Appalachian State University until a bike wreck (4 years ago) made me consider alternative sources of cardio. Being in the mountains it seemed fitting to hit the trails and I haven’t stopped since! I love hitting Pilot Mountain, Iron Mountain, Pine Mountain, Pisgah National Forest, or any other twisty turny single track that isnt flat. Ive done all distance races from a 5K to a 50k on the trails. I prefer longer distances and grinding out the miles. 5k’s hurt… I have asthma….
  • Favorite Post Race Food: Pizza and Wheat Beer
  • Favorite Race: Smokey Mountain Ultra Relay
  • Favorite Running Moment: Crossing the finish line at my first Smokey Mountain Ultra Relay with my friends. Over 36 hours: we got lost, damaged the RV, hammered 220 miles (between 6 people), and survived. It was awesome!

Daniel Inman

  • Favorite Shoe: Saucony Mirage 3 (I’m on my 7th pair!)
  • Running Bio: I’ve ran on and off most of my life, from a bit in high school, what was required in the Army, and running my students in P.E. I picked it up for myself in 2007 before getting hurt in 2008. Took a few years off before I started running again. Currently working on about 20 months of running without any major break!
  • Favorite Post Race Food: Pizza or a good burger
  • Favorite Local Race: GOFAR 5k! I love how it involves the local kids and their parents
  • Favorite Non-Local Race: The Crooked Road 24 Hour Run (Rocky Mount, VA), a great event in November with fantastic staff and runners
  • Favorite Running Moment: Finishing up 34 laps at the CR24 for my first 50k in November of 2012 with friends from the Woo Hoo Crew

Amy Hewitt

  • Favorite Shoe: Saucony Hurricane 15
  • Running Bio: I played basketball growing up, so running has always been a part of my life. I loved running and continued to run 2-3 miles per day as part of my exercise routine through college. After college, I decided to sign up for a race. I chose the 2010 Old Town Beerun because it combined two things I love: running and beer! I was the first time I ever ran 5 miles! Since then, I have completed several half marathons and one marathon, and I’m training for the Greensboro Marathon and an ultra this fall!
  • Favorite Post Race Food: Pizza and beer (we’re noticing a trend)
  • Favorite Local Race: Old Town Beerun
  • Favorite Non-Local Race: Myrtle Beach Half Marathon
  • Favorite Running Moment: Finishing strong at the 2013 Myrtle Beach Half Marathon (1:48:29) with the fabulous Woo/Sole Crew!

Clayton Wilson, Gabby Merritt, Stephanie Romich, Julie Banta, Sam Nash